once again. i am going to delete this blog.

if you still want to stay in touch/follow me, go to apocalips-tick.

Posted: 1 year ago

information to this very blog.

i have decided to delete it. since i enjoy talking to some people on here, i made another blog, which will most probably and hopefully differ quite a lot from this one. basically it will be way more personal, so if you are still interested in following me, just follow me on apocalips-tick and talk to me, i surely would like to keep in touch.

i’ve been thinking about leaving tumblr or well, deleting pfriemelchen for quite a while, mostly since i am just not happy with it anymore or with what i used to post. therefore i will delete it a week from now.

it has been quite an adventurous time and thank you all for following me, i still feel very honored.

lots of love. laura.

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our plan is golden
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